4 Australian & UK Coins Worth Owning As Replicas

There’s nothing wrong with focusing your coin collection on American coins. There are TONS to be had, and one could spend their entire life trying to collect each and every one.

However, if you’re looking to expand your collection, there are various coins from all over the world that are simply amazing. The bad news – some of them go for thousands of dollars. The good news – the replicas we offer do not.

1930 Australian Penny Cameo Proof Replica

Interested in Australia’s rarest coin? Some say the originals of these coins can be worth $20,000, that is, if you can own/find one. How about one of the six proof versions? They can fetch around $1.5 million dollars. Why was this coin so special? Because it brought Australians together for one mission: to find this elusive coin. If someone were to find this coin, they would be rich. Own your piece of history – in it’s cheaper form – today.

1923 Australian Halfpenny Replica

The 1923 version of this coin is the key date — it’s very difficult to acquire. Collectors love it in any condition. W. H. J. Blakemore designed the reverse of the coin, while Sir E. B. MacKennel designed the obverse. This is a great coin to own a replica version of, as an original is often expensive.

1797 English Cartwheel Copper Penny Replica

This coin has a rich history. James Watt and Matthew Boulton worked together to put up the first coining presses that ran on steam, and shortly thereafter produced these – the first regal coins that used steam power for minting. Our replicas are made of .999 percent copper. Both the obverse and reverse of these coins is really something to see.

1952 British Penny (George VI) – Replica

These coins also have an interesting history. They were produced every year, from 1937 to 1952. The coins in 1944-1946 were slightly darker than the other ones produced. But the real catch? There’s only one 1952 George VI penny known to be around. Now’s your chance to own this replica – it may be the closest you’ll get to the real thing!



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