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Why Purchase Replica Coins



A replica coin is a reproduction of an original coin. While they often get a bad rap, we believe there’s a place in the world for replica coins. True replica coins are marked as such, thus not to deceive the purchaser. They are great for collecting, displaying and much more.

Distinguishing between genuine and replica coin

It can be difficult to distinguish between genuine U.S. coins and replica coins. However, according to the Hobby Protection Act, all imitation coins are supposed to be marked with the word “COPY.” If not, there are certain ways to distinguish between genuine and replica coins. For instance, genuine coins feature a denomination (i.e. one dollar), while replica coins often do not. Also, replica coins are generally larger in diameter. Thus, if you notice this terminology or the size difference, it’s likely a replica coin.

Great for education and collecting

Replica coins are not intended for numismatic investment. They are great for collecting, trading, displaying, or giving as gifts. Replica coins can also be great educational tools for schools and museums. For example, if students are studying Ancient Roman history, having replica coins handy is a great way to Roman currency. Plus, kids will enjoy showing off their replica coins to all their friends!

They’re cheap too

Replica coins are not made of the same composition as genuine U.S. coins. While they look similar, they are made of gold or silver plate. For this reason, they are much cheaper than U.S. coinage or bullion. Why buy replica coins? Well, for the simple reason that not everybody can own a 1804 Bust Dollar or 1933 Double Eagle, simply because they are so rare. The next best thing would be to purchase a copy. Replica coins can make the perfect addition to any coin collection!

At Great American Coin, we are proud to offer a variety of replica coins. This selection includes Buffalo Eagle replicas, international replica coins, gold piece replicas, and pure silver replicas. We also offer many other replica coins of rare, smaller U.S. denominations. Contact us today with questions or more information.

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