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Tips for the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt


This year Easter is on Sunday, April 20th. That’ less than one week away. We know you’ve probably got a big dinner to organize, or some traveling to do, but there’s one thing you have to remember (if there will be kids in attendance). The Easter egg hunt. This year, don’t throw the hunt together last minute. Make it one to remember with these tips:


Money Eggs

Everyone knows the eggs with money are best ones – no questions asked. Nothing beats finding a couple bucks in an egg when you’re a little kid.

Want to make it more fun? Instead of throwing a couple bucks in an egg, what if you used a $2 bill? Or instead of using regular quarters, what if you used some mixed 90% silver U.S. coins? The options are endless, and putting unique currency in the eggs can be a great starting point to discuss coin collecting with the younger ones.

Tip: Paint one egg golden. This will be the “jackpot” egg. Fill it with gold coins and golden-wrapped chocolate.

Treasure Map Hunt

FACT – kids love treasure maps. Draw up a map of your house and lawn, then draw circles around the general areas in which the eggs are located. Make sure you have copies of the maps to hand out to everyone. Then, hide the eggs in the areas you specified. Make sure they’re all filled with candy (so everyone gets something). The person who finds the most eggs wins the grand prize – may we suggest pirate coins?

Message Eggs

Most eggs have either money or candy in them. Sometimes they’ll even have a temporary tattoo or a little piece of jewelry. But have you ever tried putting messages in eggs? Write up anything you want on a little piece of paper, and then put it in the egg. Here are some ideas:

“Good for one day off from chores”
“Good for three pieces of candy”
“Good for 40 nickels”
“Check behind the couch for the jackpot egg”

Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

Admit it…Easter egg hunts are fun. Don’t you wish you could still do them? Well…you can! Have the kids put whatever they want in the Easter eggs; then they’ll hide them. The adult who finds the most eggs gets a prize.

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