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What Does Your Birthstone Mean?

What’s one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give? A piece of jewelry with a birthstone in it. Birthstones are no different than natural gemstones. You simply get assigned a gemstone depending on the month you were born. Thus, it is your “birthstone”. There are four months that have multiple birthstones associated with them.

The origin of birthstones is sometimes debated. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll briefly discuss how the Western meaning of birthstones came about.

In ancient Israel, there was a Jewish historian named Josephus. Josephus stated that there was a meaningful and noteworthy connection between a few different things that possessed the number 12:

• The High Priest of the Israelites wore a sacred breastplate that had 12 stones in it (it was named Aaron’s breastplate).
• The 12 signs of the Zodiac
• The 12 months of the year

Over time, birthstones have lost much of their meaning in biblical roots. Over 100 years ago, there was a “modernized” list created to help set everything in stone. But even still today, there can still be debate about which gemstones go with which month. Places such as the American Gem Society look to help. So, without further ado…

Birthstone: Garnet
Meaning: Friendship and trust

Birthstone: Amethyst
Meaning: The wearer will be clear minded and quick to the punch.

Birthstone: Aquamarine
Meaning: The wearer will remain soothed and calm.

Birthstone: Diamond
Meaning: The wearer will experience better relationships and a booth in personal strength.

Birthstone: Emerald
Meaning: The wearer will experience the ability to predict what will be needed in the future, along with a prosperous fortune, and youth.

Birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone
Meaning: This gemstone symbolizes love, faithfulness, and modesty.

Birthstone: Ruby
Meaning: The wearer receives health, successful love, and wisdom.


Birthstone: Peridot
Meaning: The wearer will experience a good year, accompanied by power and influence.

Birthstone: Sapphire
Meaning: This gemstone is a shield to the harm of your loved ones.

Birthstones: Tourmaline, Opal
Meaning: These birthstones bring about happiness, loyalty, and hope.

Birthstones: Topaz, Citrine
Meaning: These birthstones bring about the release of tension.

Birthstones: Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise
Meaning: These birthstones bring about protection and strengthening.

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