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5 Coins to Show Your American Pride

With July 4th on the horizon, we fully expect you to be showing as much American spirit as possible. And since we are the Great American Coin Company, you could probably guess that most of the coins we sell are from the United States. Here are five coins you can display that are guaranteed to show your American spirit.

2014 American Silver Eagle

First things first, the 2014 American Silver Eagle – aka the official silver bullion coin of the U.S.A. The obverse side shows Lady Liberty wrapped in an American flag, while the reverse side shows the eagle with 13 stars (representing the original colonies.) These rare coins are an absolute must-have for any American coin collector. Buy it here.

Flying Eagle Cent (America’s 1st Small Cent) (1856-58)

There’s a reason we call this coin an American treasure; having one in your collection is truly something special. Minted for three short years (between 1856 and 1858), this coin contained 88% nickel and 12% copper, until the coin became too expensive to produce. Lucky for you, some still exist today. Buy it here.

Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Morgan Silver Dollars Pre-1921

Named after George T. Morgan (a U.S. Mint Assistant Engraver), this coin depicts Lady Liberty on the obverse, and an eagle on the reverse side. We’re not like other companies that send you a Morgan dollar from the year mintage was resumed (1921). Ours come from any random date, between 1878 and 1904. These are great for a gift, great for investment, and obviously great for a collection. Buy it here.

90% Silver 1992-S Olympic Baseball Dollar Proof

Baseball is still America’s pastime, so obviously this coin is going to make the list. As one of the only U.S. coins in history to celebrate baseball, the obverse side of this beautiful 90% silver coin displays a pitcher alongside of the Olympic rings. At 20% off of our normal price, this is the perfect coin to buy now. Buy it here.

$1 – 1899 Black Eagle Silver Certificate Large Size Note

Okay, okay, it’s not a coin. But it is one of the most collectible U.S. notes ever minted. Take a close look and you’ll notice something special about the obverse side of this note. Yes – it shows two presidents! (Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S Grant.) This is the only U.S. note in history to have two different presidents on it. Complete with black ink on the obverse. This is your chance to own a “silver dollar” that’s not a coin! Buy it here.

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