Tips For Collecting Silver Proof Sets



Beginning in 1992, the United States began making Silver Proof Sets in addition to the regular Proof Set. The Silver Proof Set series has increased tremendously in popularity since it began – after all, where else can you find beautiful and pristine examples of U.S. coinage?

About Silver Proof Sets

Before 1965, proof sets containing dimes, quarters and half dollars were made of 90 percent silver. From 1965 through 1970, only the half dollar contained silver and even that was only 40 percent. In 1976, a special three-coin set of Bicentennial coins was produced containing a 40 percent silver quarter, half dollar and dollar. It wasn’t until 1992 that the United States Mint began offering special proof sets containing 90 percent silver dimes, quarters and half dollars.

Why Collect in Silver Proof Sets

In my opinion, 90 percent silver U.S. coinage is an excellent choice for the average person looking to collect silver coins. Silver Proof Sets go through a special minting process. As a result, Silver Proof coins contain exquisite detail and a beautiful mirror-like finish. With the exception of the penny and nickel, Silver Proof Sets are made entirely of 90 percent pure silver!

Buying Silver Proof Sets

Those who appreciate the collectors’ value of coins, find that U.S. Silver Proof Sets combine the best of both worlds. They offer beauty and collectability. A Silver Proof Set can cost from $20 to $1,000. You can buy modern Silver Proof Sets directly from the U.S. Mint. However, for older Silver Proof Sets, you will have to contact a coin dealer or visit an online website to buy. If you are unsure as to what you should expect to pay for a Silver Proof Set, check out the PCGS price guide for proof sets.

Coin collecting is fun, and rather enjoyable, to me anyway. You may like collecting Silver Proof Sets, they are very beautiful and more affordable than most.

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