Collecting Coins With Kids

youth_hobbies_coin_collectionCoin collecting is one of the best hobbies to get kids involved in. Not only does it teach them about art and history, but it’s also a great way to educate children about our currency. Another reason people collect coins with kids is the hope that they will appreciate in value. Whether you choose to collect for fun or investment, coin collecting is a hobby that can last a lifetime!

Bonding over coins

Collecting coins with children can be fun for both of you. It’s a great way to share something special with your child as well as teach them about people, art, history, politics, and much more. Sharing this hobby together is great way to forge a strong relationship with your child.

Learn about money

Coin collecting teaches kids about saving, investing and preserving wealth. Unlike a video game, coin collecting will teach kids the value of money and how different currencies relate to one another. It also educates kids on the value of silver and gold.

Reading materials

If your child is interested in coin collecting, there are plenty of reading materials available. For starters, Coin Collecting For Kids by Steve Otfinoski is a great resource. This book has a lot of pictures and illustrations, which children love! A coin collector staple, the United States Coins book is packed full of great history about U.S. coins.

Getting started

A common misconception about coin collecting is that it’s expensive to get started. In reality, It’s easy to start collecting. Start by having your child examine the coins you already have. If you make a game out of it, your child will enjoy searching under the sofa and in pockets for loose change.

Coin supplies

Part of collecting coins is maintaining them properly. Buying coin protectors will help you safely store your child’s collection. Coin protectors are fairly cheap and can be purchased online and in any coin shop. Every young coin collector should also have a magnifying glass. This will help to identify mintmarks, designers’’ initials and other minute details.

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