Why Clad Bars Make Great Gifts

Liberty-Indian-Silver-GACC-reflectionIf you are looking to purchase a collectable or novelty item, clad bars are for you. Clad means that the item is not fully silver or gold. Generally speaking, clad is any metal covering a core of usually copper or nickel. Clad bars come in a variety of sizes. While clad bars are not recommended for investment purposes, they do make great gifts!

What is a clad bar?

Not to be confused with bullion – clad bars are not solid gold or silver, but consist of base metals overlain with either 24k gold or .999 silver. Clad typically means silver or gold plate. These bars are not designed to be melted down into actual silver or gold. Clad bars are created for collectible or novelty purposes, they are not meant for investment.

Why to buy clad bars?

Clad bars are inexpensive and make great gifts. Whether you’re rewarding a young child for getting good grades or just looking for a great stocking stuffer, clad bars make perfect gifts for your loved ones. They make great prizes too. Depending on your event or gathering, several companies produce silver and gold clad bars specifically for commemorative reasons.

Where to buy clad bars?

Great American Coin offers a wide range of gold and silver clad bars in sizes from one troy ounce to four troy ounces. The majority of our clad bars come in hard plastic covers for added protection. These bars make for great birthday, Christmas and graduation gifts!

If you are ever confused about a clad item there are inexperienced sellers, like Great American Coin, who understand the difference between a silver clad bar and silver bullion. Please feel free to contact us with questions!

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