What is Clad? (And Why You Should Collect It)


By definition, if something is “clad”, the outer layers of one metal are bonded to the core of a different metal.  A lot of products can technically be clad — mostly frying pans, boiling pots, and other kitchenware.  At Great American Coin Company, we sell clad art bars.

Often times clad gets a bad rap.  People are very quick to label it as a rip-off, fake, a scam, etc. But in reality, clad has many advantages.  It’s dense.  It’s corrosion and wear resistant.  It’s strong.  It’s nice looking.

Clad is not full-on silver or gold. Clad is cheap to purchase. And that’s exactly the point of adding some to your collection.  It looks awesome without you having to break the bank.

Think of clad like replica pirate coins, or silver/gold-plated eating utensils.  You buy replica pirate coins because they’re as close as you can get to the real deal without spending a fortune.  A real piece of ancient history from a shipwreck yields a LOT of money.  And the same idea goes for the eating utensils.  You don’t necessarily need the purest form of silver or gold that you can get. You just need something that gets the job done and looks nice.

Clad is a collector’s item. At the end of the day, our gold clad and silver clad bars are not solid gold or silver, but they have a base of either brass, or .999 copper overlain with 24K gold or .999 silver. And that’s still pretty cool, isn’t it?

We have a lot of designs to choose from.  You can get a picture of the Statue of Liberty, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and many more choices on your gold clad or silver clad bars.  We even have colorized bars, too.

So what are you waiting for? Shop our whole collection today!

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